Design and Construction Guidance

Are you an owner, designer or builder requiring design and construction guidance for a new build, alteration or earthquake repair? We can review plans, come up with alternative solutions, and ensure your project is following building compliance and code clauses.

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What we do

We can provide consultancy and support in the following areas

  • Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP) design 1 approval
  • Full application support for resource consent
  • Review plans for earthquake repairs, and write recommendations with consideration about future shakes to ensure damage is reduced.
  • Review plans for potential weathertightness issues or complications
  • Review plans for improved legislative, and typical regulatory compliance
  • Provide guidance for building or resource consents
  • Where normal construction may not be appropriate, we can provide justification documents for alternative solutions for a building consent approval
  • Design or Construction trouble-shooting
  • Provide a sketch of construction details for consent approval. This will address potential issues for weathertightness, or possible earthquake movement.
  • Provide guidance on any proposed changes to an issued building or resource consent
  • Technical guidance about earthquake repairs, and proposed insurance pay-outs

Maiden Built

Are you about to start a new build, alteration or earthquake repair? Maiden Built can scope, design and co-ordinate your project start to finish. They can also help with interior design, landscaping, painting and decorating.

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