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Maiden Consulting provide expert witness reviews, and briefs of evidence for many building failure claims throughout New Zealand.
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Leaky homes, earthquake repairs, and construction related issues

We are specialists when it comes to weather-tightness and technical auditing. Over the last 6+ years we have been involved with weather-tightness and technical audits for leaky homes, earthquake repairs and rebuilds throughout New Zealand. Our expertise can be utilised with all types of claims.

What we do

We provide expert witness reviews, and briefs of evidence which can be used in court. It might be for a leaky building claim, poor construction issue from an earthquake repair, or another construction failure that requires legal action.


Our expert witness review includes documentation, and opinions based on full sets of information, such as council property files, and defects discovered by remedial experts.


We provide guidance about the steps involved, and the actions required for claim success.

Evidence will, or can include;

  • An analysis of the council’s performance with regards to building consents. Taking into consideration the time of the consent being issued, and supervision undertaken during construction.
  • Clarification about procedures that should have been followed for
    • Consent processing
    • Inspections
    • Issuing notices to rectify, and issuing notices to fix the issue
    • Issuing a code compliance certificates (CCC) or interim CCC when relevant
  • Opinions about good trade practice relevant to industry at the time
  • We will provide a review, site visit, brief of evidence, reply to the brief after defendants have commented on evidence presented in claim, and we can attend at the expert’s conference, mediations or hearings as required.

“We thought you were an excellent witness and you dealt with the questions put to you, particularly on cross examination, with balance and consistency. You made concessions where appropriate and we were particularly impressed with the way in which you explained your views and ensured you assisted the Judge.”

– Lawyer

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